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2 Seater Электрическая утилита Гольф Грузовой

Один ряд экспедиторских сидений и небольшой закрытый грузовой ящик сзади могут вместить до 2 человек. В то же время, общего назначения багги гольфа оборудовано с высокоэнергетической системой электрического привода, которая имеет весьма низкие цены обслуживания и пользы, и очень соответствующее для снабжения, срочной поставки, ферм, строительных площадок, фабрик, доков, и промышленных парков.

  • electric golf cart with utility bed
  • electric golf cart with utility bed
  • electric golf cart with utility bed
  • electric golf cart with utility bed

Specification of 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo

Technical Parameters
Overall Dimension
Passengers Capacity
Max. Speed
40km/h & 25mph
Max. Travelling Range
Slope Climbing Capacity
Turning Radius
Ground Clearance
Brake Distance
Front/Rear Tread
Electric System
AC, 48V, 5kW
48V, 450A
Battery type
Lead Acid, 150Ah, 8V*6pcs
Intelligent high-frequency car charger
Charging time
8 hours
Steering"Rack & Pinion" Steering
Motivation Control
Braking System
Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake, EMB system
Front-axle And Suspension
Independence suspension
Rear-axle And suspension
Integral rear axle
Tire215/35-12, with alloy rim

LCD instrument, Multifunction, show time,

speed, driving range, battery capacity, etc

Front & rear combination LED lights
Bus cold foam sponge + high resilience PU leather fabric
Body MaterialSteel frame + ABS engineering plastic molding material

Introducing the 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo: The Ultimate Golf Companion

Golf enthusiasts know that electric golf carts are a must-have when it comes to navigating the greens. And when you need both functionality and style, the 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo is the perfect companion. This two-seater electric golf cart is the ultimate golf and utility vehicle, combining comfort, convenience, and sustainability. Let's dive in and explore what makes this electric golf cart stand out.

Efficient and Eco-Friendly Motor

The 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo is powered by an efficient and eco-friendly electric motor. It provides enough torque and power to move two passengers and their cargo with ease, without producing any emissions. You can effortlessly move around the golf course with minimal noise level, giving you a peaceful and serene experience.

Spacious Design and Cargo Capacity

The 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo golf cart is designed to provide maximum space for two passengers and their belongings. The cart comes with an ample cargo bed that allows you to transport your golf clubs, bags, or any other equipment. You can easily store your gear and move around the course with ease and convenience.

Comfortable and Safe Design

Comfort and safety are paramount when it comes to golf carts. The 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo comes with spacious and padded seats that are fully adjustable to provide ultimate comfort throughout your game. The cart also has a solid suspension system, ensuring a smooth ride even on bumpy surfaces. Additionally, it has a hydraulic braking system that ensures quick stopping whenever needed, reducing the chances of accidents around the greens.

Convenient and Versatile Features

The 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo is versatile and convenient, making it ideal for both short and long trips. The cart comes with a foldable windshield that protects passengers from the sun and rain. Besides transporting golf equipment, the cart also comes with beverage and snack holders, allowing you to enjoy refreshments as you move around. You can also customize the cart by adding features such as a GPS system, speakers, or a cooler.

Eye-catching Design and Customization Options

The 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo comes in stylish and eye-catching designs that are bound to turn heads around the greens. The cart comes in different colors and finishes, giving you an opportunity to customize the cart to match your personality and style.


The 2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cargo is the perfect golf and utility vehicle for any golf enthusiast. It provides ample space, comfort, and safety for two passengers and their equipment, while also being eco-friendly and convenient to use. With its efficient and noiseless electric motor, spacious cargo bed, comfortable and adjustable seats, convenient and versatile features, and customizable design, this electric golf cart is a perfect addition to your golfing set up.


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